• Carpet Cleaning Newcastle

    Ultra powerful carpet & upholstery cleaning, guaranteeing outstanding results, you can feel the difference
  • Astonishing Results Guaranteed

    Your carpets will be ultra clean & fresh guaranteed
  • Elegant Sofa Cleaning

    Freshen up your sofa and restore it's original beauty
  • Rug Cleaning

    Revitalise your beloved rug back to it's original splendour
  • Professional Stain Removal

    Spot and stain removal with all carpet cleaning as standard
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Ultra powerful commercial carpet cleaning, guaranteeing outstanding results.
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"Outstanding Results Guaranteed"

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carpet cleaning newcastle
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Superior cleaning guaranteeing outstanding results.

Carpet cleaning prices today are better than ever. The cost of hiring a carpet cleaning machine can be more than calling in a professional carpet cleaner. We cover carpet cleaning Newcastle, North Tyneside, Gateshead and parts of Northumberland. We use high power deep steam cleaning extraction machines to clean your carpets, upholstery and rugs.

Our cleaning machines are operated by fully trained, uniformed and insured cleaning technicians. We are an independently owned and operated company.  Book Your Carpet Cleaner Newcastle

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle

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Environmentally friendly - gets our stamp of approval.

As a professional carpet cleaning company we know from experience that it is possible to achieve high quality results, using eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions. These are much safer for your family, pets and asthma sufferers.

The solutions we use are of the highest quality and have been extensively tested for non toxicity. We have given these products our Baby Safe stamp of approval.

Why we use eco friendly microsplitting technology.

  • Detergent-free cleaning
  • Based on food-grade ingredients
  • No cleaning bleaches
  • No cleaning enzymes
  • No cleaning surfactants
  • No cleaning solvents
  • Non hazardous
  • Odour-free
  • Safe for children and pets
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Pet odour removal services.

Family pet odour as well as stain removal are one of the most frustrating factors of being the owner of carpeted floors and the fact that you simply cannot remove these odours easily. You can't wipe up urine from a carpet in the same manner you are able to wipe it up off a wooden floor.

The fact is that, for a lot of things spilled onto rugs and carpeting, a percentage of it is there to stay if you do not have the stain and odour swiftly taken care of by the experts.

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Professional stain removal services.

Don't Panic For most stains we recommend that you blot as much of the stain up with a clean white towel or paper kitchen towel. Never rub the stain as this will undoubtedly make it worse and in some cases you may set the stain making it nearly impossible to remove. Don't just use any off the supermarket shelf stain removers as these very seldom work. With stains, the faster you act, the better your chance of total removal.

Stains will need to be treat in the correct way the 1st time in order to attain the greatest results. Nevertheless, even with staining which has sat around for some time, our highly experienced carpet cleaning technicians will use their extensive experience to accomplish the greatest results. 

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Effective allergy control with stain protection.

Bug-Xs is proven to safely remove and repel dust mites from carpets and fabrics for up to 14 months. It doesn't just inhibit mite excrement but gets to the source of the problem by removing the mites.

Bug-Xs is totally non-toxic and safe for children and pets - even if it were accidentally picked up off the carpets and ingested. Independent testing shows a dramatic reduction of asthma and other allergy’s when used as an allergy control programme.

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This is great news for asthma and allergy sufferers, or in fact anyone who's worried about the possible medical effects of the common house dust mite. But that's not all: Bug-Xs is also an effective stain protector. You get all the benefits of a fluorochemical protector, with the added allergy control that only Bug-Xs can offer.


Steam - V's - Dry Cleaning.

Steam cleaning has become the Number 1 option for carpet and upholstery recently. It's because it truly is the most effective cleaning method available to date. Dry cleaning simply does not produce the best results.

Our state of the art carpet cleaning process begins with a high quality eco friendly pre treatment with deodorisers, mechanical agitation to lift dirt then inject hot water, which produces steam deep into the actual fibers of your carpet. The high pressure steam also agitates soil, pollen, dust mites and dust along with other allergens, after which everything is immediately extracted up by our ultra powerful extraction machines. The only thing that is remaining is an incredibly clean, sanitised and fresh carpet free from all of those unsightly stains and unwanted contaminants, which had been adhering to all of the fibres within your carpet.


Don't Worry! your carpets are in good hands.

While you might feel concerned that carpet cleaning on a regular basis may harm your carpet, actually, the exact opposite is true.

Grime in addition to other dirt actually breaks down the fibers in your carpets, ultimately causing a worn appearance as well as a reduced life-span.

We take great care cleaning your carpets. The cost of replacing a carpet can run from £100's to £1000's. We know how important it is to get it right first time. We guarantee you oustanding results. This is all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Certificate of excellence award 2015.

Certificate of excellence awarded in 2015 reviewed by our customers. Our reviews are written by real people and collected independently by YOOReviews.com


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Will the cleaning products you use harm my baby or pet? +

    A. No, we use green eco friendly solutions such as Bi-O-Kleen, Capture and AFM SafeChoice. These are much safer for your family, pets and asthma sufferers. We have given these products our baby safe seal of approval.
  • Q. Do you have a minimum charge? +

    A. Yes, we have a minimum spend of £39, this is not an extra call out charge and is not added to the price of your quote. Example: If you choose to have your dining room carpet cleaned, the price is £29.50, this would come under our minimum spend of £39. We must have a minimum spend amount, because it would not be viable to operate a carpet cleaning business without it.
  • Q. Do you move my furniture to clean the carpet? +

    A. Yes we move items such as sofas, beds, small drawers, dining tables and any other small unbreakable objects. We normally work on a one man one job basis, items that would take two men to lift such as televisions, stereo units, pianos, large side boards, large wardrobes, large book cases etc must be removed prior to cleaning or we will have to clean around them.
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